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What Would Happen, If You Implemented The Exact DONE FOR YOU SALES FUNNELS Personally Use In My Business
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Top Tier Clients?
The Secret Sales Funnels System That Converts Strangers Into High Paying Clients...
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Mike Dillard
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"Shaqir Hussyin is a phenomenal teacher and leader who really cares about his students - I can't recommend him enough, you can't go wrong with Shaqir."

Daegan Smith
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"Shaqir is the secret weapon for alot of industry's top producers when it comes to getting traffic. He can drive obscene amounts of traffic on call, whenever he wants."
Hey Future Top Earner, in the next 90 days?

This is an extremely important announcement!

A major shift is happening in the world of online marketing, and if you don't know what to do about it you're at risk of losing everything!

Does this sound like you:
  • You’re struggling to make money online, you see other people making the kind of income you want, but you have no idea how they’re actually doing it…
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the strategies, methods and formulas others are teaching and you never seem to be able to put it all together, let alone get any results…
  • You feel like marketing automations, webinars and traffic are a mountain you’ll never be able to conquer, instead of feeling excited about the passive income potential they can provide…
If this sounds like you, then you need to embrace this marketing truth:
“The Death of Traditional Internet Marketing Is Taking Place RIGHT NOW”
If you want to literally create “free money” out of thin air, then you’d better drop whatever you’re doing and read every single word of this time sensitive letter...

Because I’m going to share with you Shaqir Hussyin’s WealthAcademy's biggest “money-out-of-thin-air” sales funnels formula you’ve ever seen.

These time-tested and proven “profit multipliers” are responsible for taking every single dollar that yours truly, Shaqir Hussyin makes…and turning it into $4, $5, even $6…just by adding a couple additional steps.

It’s the ultra exclusive stuff that my team and I use to practically build one million dollar business after another, and so far I’ve done 10 of them. 

Whilst most people dream of making a million dollars, I’ve been super fortunate and God bless me to make multiple millions in my mid twenties...

And the best part is you don’t have to be some “marketing guru”, spend 12-24 months learning about sales funnels or work hard at being a copywriting genius to do it. 

You don’t have to go out and hire 25+ people like I have, these “workhorses” are trained to create sales funnels for myself and now for a limited time for specific “By Application ONLY” clients - you see I’m not exactly the most talented individual myself…but I DARN sure know how to extract as much profit from a sale as possible.

Now I know you’re a little skeptical. I get that. You probably thing this is some “push button” guru fantasy that promises to have money shooting out of your bank account with no effort from you.

Sorry to say that but there IS some work involved. You’ll have to fill out some simple forms that we need your input from, like what sort of business would you like to build and such. It’s pretty much 100% done for you set up. 

Listen: clients don’t pay me $20,000 per 1-day strategy session (6 hours) for nothing. And people don’t pay me $40,000 and $100,000 for my Inner Circle & Pink Diamond Coaching just to pick my brains.

In fact, I’m going to be rather blunt and tell you that:

Chances Are: You’re Leaving Money FORTUNE On The Table If You’re NOT Doing This!  

Listen: so called “savvy” marketers everywhere who don’t use these profit-multiplying steps are literally leaving hordes of free money laying out in the open…waiting for their nearest competitor to lap up.  

Newbies think that if they just “funnel hack” or copy, clone or use some replicated marketing system suddenly all their money worries will go away. Well, you’ve tried all the inferior products out there - how’s that working out for you? 

Most are in it for the “one-off” sale, they simply don’t know any better. They try to sell as many copies of their ebook, their course, or some other shanzy pantsy and expect to rake in the profits just by doing that.

Sure that might have worked 10 years ago…when you can pay Google AdWords 5 cents per click and competition was scarce.

You see, the secret to having a TRUE “income at will” business is to have a sales funnel that let’s you literally multiply every single dollar for every sale you make. It’s kinda like having a property that pays you rental income every month and also increases in value over time, having a sales funnels is pretty much like this. Your goal is to have a systematic way to enrol clients, premium customers, patients and leads that buy your products and services. 

And to take every single lead you get and gently push them up money pyramid—putting more dollars in your pocket.

You see, this is the #1 secret I implement in every single client’s business. And 85% of them come back to me for repeat work because there’s so DARN happy with the results they’re getting.

And WealthAcademy implements this stuff every day…thanks to my teachings…and so do the other “Shaqir Hussyin Elite” who follows what I say like it’s gospel.  

So are you satisfied with the money you’re making right now? Well, keep reading and you’ll discover how to do just that—thanks to some little known “GURU SALES FUNNELS” secrets most marketers will NEVER know! 

What Are The Consequences Of Just “Letting Things Be” Watching Others GET THIS?

Now you might be thinking that, “Hey, I’m doing OK!” I’ve been doing well for the past year or so…why fix what’s broken?

Listen: the secret to unparalleled sustainability, massive profitability and certainty in business is 2 things: consistent lead flow—and the ability to turn those leads into paying customers.

Your role in marketing is to Turn Advertising Into Profits. 

Most people fill up their sales funnel with “freebie-seekers” and “looky-cheapskates-loos” who have no intention of buying if their life depended on it. You ever get a bunch of leads but have no one buy regardless of whatever you say, ask and try to offer. 

Unless you are personally coached by me or are in one of our High Level Masterminds…or have been following my stuff for the past 8 years…chances are you don’t know about these special “ profit multipliers” or GURU FUNNELS that takes every single dollar you plug into it…

…and potentially spits out up to $6 like a winning machine in Las Vegas!

And that’s bad news. Sure you’re probably doing OK now…but with the tax rates going up in the US…the only thing you can do is “make more”.

With Trump running the show, North Korea threatening the world with World War 3, Good LUCK on leaving it to the government to take care of you and your business!

I don’t mean to scare you. But if you are doing well right now…or are a “newbie” getting started, you are feeling overwhelmed the RIGHT THING to do is to seek help with the leading company in the marketplace that can help you achieve your goals, you really HAVE to “get hip” to these proven steps you can use to bolster your business right now if you want to maintain a stable business…5…10…15 years from now....

Otherwise, you’ll just wonder “what could have been”. You could have missed out on one of the RARE simple ways you could multiply your income---and attract amazing wealth for you and your family.

You’ll always keep looking over at your competitors wondering why they’re doing a lot better than you. While you’re “settling for” the status quo in your business—happy with the income you’re making now.

Believe me, it’s no mystery. Just follow proven steps, read every single word on this page - others before you have followed…copy them exactly, and take action.

And today I’m going to give you a RARE opportunity to do just that because:

Websites are no longer viable to run a real business online. Paying designers to make you a pretty little fancy shmancy websites these days will not get you far.

You need to have a sales funnels that works for you, that attracts your dream clients, positions you as the expert, the go-to authority and helps you convert your leads into sales.

This is what you want to have, an automated marketing and selling machine that does the heavy lifting for you.

The game has changed and if you want to successfully build an online business you need to adapt today in 2018 and beyond...

Selling just a $27 or $47 products or promoting affiliate products simply doesn’t work anymore...

Thanks to market saturation, people rarely buy into an MLM program the first time they see it (sending traffic straight to an offer is now marketing suicide).

Doing affiliate marketing, selling other people’s products for a commission while building THEIR LIST and THEIR BUSINESS is, for lack of a better word, DUMB…

Why are all of these methods all of a sudden a TERRIBLE business model, you ask?

First of all, when’s the last time you made a BIG sale doing any of these business models?

It’s probably been months, or years, or maybe you’ve never been able to make it work.
The BIG Problem:
Increasingly High
Traffic Costs 
Traffic costs are on the rise, making all of these business models where you get a commission unsustainable and impossible to profit from.

That’s the reason why most people burn through their budget in no time and get little to no results.

To generate $10,000 with a $27 product you would need to get 370 people to purchase your product every month. 

With a typical 1% conversion rate, you would have to send about 37,000 visitors and spend at least $37,000 on traffic to make $10,000. 

That’s a loss of $27,000.

You can try selling a $47 or $97 product, but your conversions rates would plummet.

But while most people struggle, there are those who continue to thrive and make money no matter the traffic costs.

This is why having an Integrated product suite that gets you to pick up traffic from anywhere will give you the #1 edge in marketing...
What Would Happen, If You Implemented The Exact Same Marketing Funnels I Personally Use In My Business
To Earn Automated Top Tier Clients?
“32 Sales Online…
Total Newbie!!”
“I got started with Shaqir in late 2016 and used his MCS funnel to make my first 32 sales online…I’m a newbie and this absolutely works!”

- Glenda from Toronto

“Got My First 11 Sales Thanks To Shaqir’s Funnel”
“I have 0 experience with marketing and selling anything online. After getting Shaqir’s MCS funnel setup for me, I’ve now generated my first 11 sales online. Thank you Shaqir!”

- Enkhtur from Singapore

“Generated 5 High-Ticket Sales And a Total of $200k In Revenue”
“I generated 5 high-ticket sales in the first 30 days with my sales funnel. Totaling $200k in sales. Thank you!!”

- Craig Stephens from Florida

Silvia Went From $0 to $20k In One Single Month
“I generated 5 high-ticket sales in the first 30 days with my sales funnel. Totaling $200k in sales. Thank you!!”

- Silvia Galati from Milan, Italy

“Generated $50,000 With Shaqir’s Funnel”
“Since using Shaqir’s MCS funnel I’ve generated around $50,000 for myself and now I’m in a position to help other clients just like you. Yes! this funnel works.”

- Venkata from India

"Since I've Gone Through His Training I've Been Able To Bank Over $10MM In Sales"
"$200,000 In Commissions Leveraging Shaqir's Sales Funnel. I Now Make Consistent Sales EVERY Single Day."
"I Started From Scratch And Was Clueless."
Ex-Engineer From Sydney Turns Internet Millionaire 
 "Ex Software Engineer From New Delhi Generates $180,000 Following
Shaqir's System In Just 6 Months"
 Ex-Corporate Brand Exec After Making $300,000 Per Year, Seeks Millionaire Mentor To "SCALE UP"
The Solution To Attracting Premium Level Clients At Premium Prices
& Generating Passive Income:
Selling Your Own High-Ticket Information Products
And Keeping 100% Of The Profits - Done For You...

For the last few years I’ve been making millions of dollars in sales selling my own high-ticket information products. People paying $3,000, $10,000, $40,000 and even as much as $100,000+ for my personal products and services.

The reason why selling your own high-ticket information products works so well is because it’s pretty much infallible in the face of rising traffic costs.

If you’re selling a $997 information product, you only need 10 sales per month to generate $10,000. That’s 1 customer every 3 days!

If you're having a $10,000 backend service then you only need a couple more to potentially double, triple & quadruple your income.

Compared to 370 customers for a $27 product, getting only 10 customers to pay you $997 is much easier.
How To Use These 3 Components To Build
A Passive Income Business

    Selling High-Ticket Information Product
    People are becoming more and more aware that the traditional education system is simply not enough, and they’re turning to alternative ways of education.

    This is what I realized more than 8 years ago and started profiting from it.

    But the industry is getting bigger and bigger as traditional education is begging to die out.

    Small businesses spend $118 BILLION dollars on information every single year!

    Selling information products is a BILLION dollar industry.

    If you've been looking for the right opportunity to start making a passive income online - this is it!
    Every sale you make, you get to keep 100% of it.

    No products, no warehouses, no expensive shipping and fulfillment costs.

    You invest in building your product once, and then every sale you make is money you get to put straight into your pocket.

    Your fulfillment costs are almost non-existent. All you need is a website and a place to host your videos.

    Are you starting to understand the potential of selling high-ticket information products?
    Proven-To-Convert Sales Funnel Campaigns
    The second component you need to have in place is a proven-to-convert sales funnel campaign that can take cold traffic and convert it into sales.

    If you have been in the Home Business industry for some time, you’ve probably heard people complaining about traffic and how they’re struggling to send traffic.

    But I am here to tell you that sending traffic is NEVER a problem.
    There are millions upon millions of targeted people you can send to your site… EASILY.

    The TRUTH is... Traffic Is NEVER Your Problem. 

    Your Problem Is Your OFFER and SALES FUNNEL.

    If you put together a strong $997+ high-ticket information product offer into a powerful sales funnel campaign, this is what happens - $116,068.02 in less than a month with a brand new information product:
    If you were one of the people thinking traffic is hard and you need to “crack” some code, this letter should open your eyes to the REAL problem.

    And the SOLUTION to the problem – put a strong high-ticket offer in place with a proven and tested sales funnel and every single dollar you spend on traffic will turn into profit.

    Imagine being able to put $1,000 into traffic and get 10 sales and make $10,000…

    Then reinvest the $10,000 and turn it into $100,000…

    And if you could re-invest $100,000 with a strong product and funnel that can 10X your ROI… I’ll let you do the math…
    Building “Overnight” Authority In Your Marketplace
    Many people seem to think you need months or even years of being successful to build authority and get people to know you.

    And that would have been true maybe 5 or 10 years ago.

    But with today’s laser-targeted marketing and advertising automation, you can literally build your brand and positioning in just a few days without spending a fortune.

    Everyone knows about Coca-Cola because they advertise massively and they are everywhere.

    Obviously, this costs a fortune!

    But what if you could pinpoint a small audience that you know with 100% certainty is interested in your information product and make them see you everywhere they go online…

    In their inbox, on Facebook and every other website they visit.

    You would spend very little money to do this and you would achieve the same effect Coca-Cola achieves, but ONLY with your very targeted, small audience of potential buyers.

    This is called OMNIPRESENCE – where it seems like you are present in all places and at all times.

    It would not cost you a fortune and it is something even a COMPLETE BEGINNER can do.
    If You Could Use These 3 Components,
    You Could Easily Replicate My Results And:

    •  Build AUTHORITY And POSITIONING Overnight
    •  Advertise Inexpensively To "BUYER" Audience
    •   Turn 70% Of COLD Traffic EASILY Into Subscribers
    •   Generate $997+ Sales LITERALLY On Demand
    •  Sell 100+ High-Ticket Products Every Single Month
    •   Create A Predictable Monthly PASSIVE Income
    If It Sounds Like You Need A Lot Of Experience To Put This Together…
    That’s Because You Do!
    There's a reason Internet Marketing gurus sell you 'push button' riches and 1-2-3 software that promise the world, but fail to deliver.

    It's because they know most people aren't willing to spend 1-3 years of their life studying sales psychology and marketing, just to create their first profitable online business.
      I Promised Myself I Would Create
      A SHORTCUT For Others
      Why? Because I know what it's like.

      I know how it feels to struggle to make sales, to think you're doing everything right but that PayPal account simply stays empty.

      To watch in frustration as others seemingly come from nowhere to become the next I.M. Guru…
        If This Sounds Like You, Then I Want To Help Propel Your Income To Seven Figures…
        •  You're looking for ways to create a consistent, passive income online
        •  You're sick and tired of “make-money online” schemes that never actually work
        •   You're done paying for “success coaching” and never getting what you paid for
        •   You want a proven expert to cut through all the BS and set you on the right path
        The reason I ask is because I understand how frustrating it can be trying to figure it all out on you own… and throwing your money and time away, with nothing to show for it.

        But, what if you could get an 8-Figure Passive Income EXPERT to put his money where his mouth is and build you…
          Your Own Automated Passive Income Business With A Premium Information Product You Can Sell For $997+
          How different would your life be if you could consistently and predictably take cold traffic, direct it into your funnel, and start getting $997+ sales on literal auto-pilot?

          How would it feel to be able to generate an extra couple grand whenever you need them just by activating a few traffic campaigns?

          If you could work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection… and not have to answer to anybody?

          Let me tell you from my experience – it would feel pretty frickin' great.

          So if you are looking to own your business, and live the entrepreneurial lifestyle, I have something for you...
            A 21-Day Program In Which We’ll Build Your Entire
            Passive Income Done For You Business From Scratch
            The only done for you funnel service that provides world class marketing with fast turn-around time and proven results.

            It wasn't easy, but I carefully assembled a team of experts to build out these funnels for a select few people who need them.

            Why? Because I’m tired of seeing the gurus win, and the thousands of people left in the dark.

            Blogging daily, throwing money at terrible capture pages and lame autoresponder sequences used by 1000 other people.

            Isn’t it time you had something that actually works?

            If you want to make money quickly and easily, without the pain or frustration – you need a fast solution like this.

            We’ll implement everything for you. 

            So you can quickly start buying traffic, getting leads, and converting them into sales. Without the hassle.
              Here’s What’s Included In The GURU
              Funnel Passive Income System:
                Your Own High-Ticket Information Product
                ($15,000 Value)
                • Build instant authority and goodwill in the industry – You’ll get a full HD branded course, packed with information, exercises and PDF supplements, based on the strategies that ARE WORKING RIGHT NOW.

                • Easily Sell It In The $997 - $2,997 Range – Our courses are SO value packed you’ll easily be able to charge a premium price for them and get a huge interest and a minimal refund rate. Your customers will be BEGGING you for more!

                • Secure Member’s Area – We’ll design a beautiful, secure member’s area that will allow you full control over the course and give your customers a premium, luxurious experience.
                  Custom High-Converting Squeeze Pages
                  ($3,000 Value)
                  • Build a hot, responsive list quickly – Our squeeze pages will consistently outperform the competition, and will allow you to build a huge, hot list as quickly as possible.

                  • List Building On Steroids - With the cost of traffic through the roof, old methods are no longer working. That’s why our squeeze pages are written to showcase your USP and offer a fresh value-based approach to lead generation.

                  • Guaranteed results - We’ll work with you for as long as necessary to make sure you squeeze page is converting optimally.
                    Power Authority Positioning Content Videos
                    ($5,000 Value)
                    • 3x Pre-Sale Content Videos - In order to generate leads, we’ll create 3 premium content-packed videos, which will position you as a trusted authority and allow you to demand premium prices and establish OMNIPRESENCE.

                    • Value Based Lead Generation - By providing MASSIVE VALUE for free, we’ll be able to help you sell without aggressive, “douche-y” marketing strategies.
                      Cash-Sucking VSL + Sales Page
                      ($12,000 Value)
                      • Killer VSL Video - You’ll get a fully produced, high-converting Video Sales Page, based on a proven formula that’s going to CRUSH it, and convert your visitors into cold, hard cash.

                      • Premium Copywriting - Good copywriters are almost impossible to find – and are booked out for months when you can get them – but our in-house team are some of the best in the business, and work EXCLUSIVELY for me and my clients…
                        Automated Evergreen Webinar Campaign
                        ($7,000 Value)
                        • $19+ Million In Sales (So Far) - We’ll create a customized Webinar campaign for you based on the formula that’s responsible for the majority of sales me and my clients have had in the Information product arena.

                        • Full Setup - we’ll script, create, and automate an “evergreen” webinar setup for you, so you can effortlessly turn prospects into customers faster than you can blink.

                        • Automated Profits - All you need to do is point the leads to the webinar… and that’s it. That’s why I love webinars so much.
                          Full Affiliate And JV Center Setup
                          ($3,500 Value)
                          • Build Your Very Own JV Army - We’ll give you all the resources you’ll need to convince JV partners to back you up and start promoting your products.

                          • JV Tools And Resources - We’ll design a JV center with all the emails, banners and materials your JVs will need to crush it and bring you results.

                          • Unique Opportunity - Courses that can demand such a big price are a rare occurrence. This means that JV partners will be excited and ready to promote and sell for you.
                            Sales Amplifying Follow-Up Emails
                            ($6,000 Value)
                            • Behavior Based Emails - You’ll get full email sequences for each step of the funnel that will turn your subscribers into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers.

                            • Full Autoresponder Setup - It’s tedious, hard work to all the automations setup right. Exactly the kind of work our experienced team of developers relishes!
                              High-Ticket Backend Offer That Will Pay You $1,500-$10,000 Per Sale
                              ($5,000 Value)
                              • Backend High-Ticket Program - I’ve made millions of dollars with Empower Networks, iPas and more… If there’s one person on the planet who knows how to generate commissions from these programs, it’s me. And you’ll get my proprietary formula built into your back-end, so you too can profit from these programs.
                                If You Act Right Now, You’ll Be Able To Get
                                The Following Fast Action Bonuses:
                                12-Month "Money Getting" Plan
                                ($5,000 Value)
                                Once your sales funnel is finished, we'll give you a free "sit down" with one of our funnel consultants so they can create you a comprehensive 12-month plan.

                                You'll know exactly what to do – and exactly when to do it – to grow your business as quickly as possible. We'll tell you how to launch for maximum exposure… Which traffic method to use to send hordes of hungry buyers to your funnel.
                                  Video Ads Hack
                                  ($1,000 Value)
                                  You’ll get step-by-step training on exactly how to get avalanches of virtually free traffic from YouTube advertising.

                                  Use this and you’ll never struggle with driving traffic again.
                                    Cashflow Kickstarter
                                    ($2,000 Value)
                                    In this entire mini-course, you'll learn how to kickstart your business and scale paid traffic campaigns so you'll never run out of hot, targeted, high converting traffic, that you can turn into sales on demand.
                                      Instant Access To My Top 3 Most Powerful Sales Funnels
                                      ($5,000 Value)
                                      As a bonus for new funnel clients, you'll get 3 instantly editable share funnels. These are 3 of my most powerful, proven sales funnels you can run as campaigns to your email list, or you can drive paid traffic to them.

                                      The funnels are exact copies of my own, so they'll have my content, face and information on them. You simply have to edit the pages and use them for yourself! (Comes with full how-to video training)
                                        ENROLL NOW
                                        Limited-Time Special Pricing
                                        Originally, Shaqir Hussyin CEO of Wealth Academy used to just consult on Sales Funnels for a premium fee of $25,000 for a 2-day workshop.

                                        As Wealth Academy grew, the most in-demand training from Shaqir was learning how to build sales funnels.

                                        After having delivered over 100 workshops, live events and trainings, Shaqir decided that the best way to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom was to put together a team that could build these sales funnels for clients from A to Z, 100% done-for-you and in less than 30 days.

                                        That's how GURU Funnels was born. 

                                        Imagine: having the EXACT SAME team who plans, builds and executes all of Shaqir's sales funnel, do the work for you...

                                        Imagine how huge an impact this will have on your income in the months, years and decades to come… what this could be worth to your bank account… how you could increase the quality of life of your loved ones... let alone the financial and time freedom you would have.
                                        The Team Responsible For
                                        Your Business' Success
                                          We’ve Got Your Back:
                                          Heroic Customer Support
                                          And Project Managers
                                          As Shaqir Hussyin’s Customer Happiness Manager, it’s my goal to ensure you get the best experience with this program.
                                          - Jingle Lapara
                                          Customer Happiness Manager
                                          You’ll also enjoy peace of mind with Shaqir’s Triple Satisfaction Guarantee:
                                            Results – We develop only proven and tested to work business systems for our students that have delivered success story after success story for the past 5 years.
                                            - Jingle Lapara
                                            Customer Happiness Manager
                                            Quality – You’ll get the same team who works on Shaqir’s day-to-day marketing campaigns to build your GURU Funnel as well. The quality of work is guaranteed and you’ll be getting the same quality as one of the highest earners in the home business industry.
                                            You’re Safe – this means you’re backed by Shaqir’s “No Student Left Behind” guarantee. If you’re struggling to make this program work, simply email us and our Business Success Coaches will help you until you get the results you desire.
                                            What Gives Me The Confidence To Claim I Can Build You A Passive Income Business?
                                              So far I’ve created 5 millionaires and 100s of success stories…

                                              I’ve built 7 different million dollar businesses by the age of 27….

                                              I’ve generated millions of dollars selling my own information products for the last 8 years…

                                              I’ve generated millions of dollars in EVERY home business program I’ve joined…

                                              And I’ve done it all while working from hotels and beaches all over the world…

                                              I think it’s safe to say I’ve CRACKED the formula to generating millions online and I know how to build the same system for YOU.
                                              CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT / HTML
                                              Here's How GURU Funnels Helped Some Of My Clients Achieve Passive Income:
                                                GURU Funnels Success Story #1:
                                                Jeremy Generated $116,068.02 From A Brand New $997 Information Product
                                                As A Complete Beginner
                                                GURU Funnels Success Story #2:

                                                Silvia Went From $0 to $20,170.00 In Just One Month
                                                As A Complete Beginner

                                                GURU Funnels Success Story #3:
                                                Ex-Engineer, Adeline Sugianto From Sydney Turns Internet Millionaire
                                                GURU Funnels Success Story #4:
                                                Phillip Matthews Was A Complete Newbie Who Generated $7,615.00 As Soon As He Launched His GURU Funnel
                                                GURU Funnels Success Story #5:
                                                “I got started with Shaqir in late 2016 and used his funnel to make my first 32 sales online… I’m a newbie and this absolutely works!” 

                                                - Glenda from Toronto

                                                Here's Exactly What You're Getting
                                                When You Join
                                                Access Shaqir Hussyin’s DONE FOR YOU Sales Funnels Today for a FULL YEAR Forever…And Pay The "REST" You Owe After You've Made Your First $25,000 🔥... (expires when timer ends)

                                                SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TODAY...
                                                Choose ONE Of The GURU Sales Funnel Packages That Can Transform Your
                                                Business & Life Forever:
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                                                  Questions? Email Me Directly:
                                                   Fill Out The Application Below To Get Started
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                                                    ACCEPTING 30 7 NEW CLIENTS
                                                    for 2018....
                                                    The fact is, creating one of these automated business systems is A LOT of work.

                                                    You know this already - how many times have you fiddled around with ClickFunnels, Lead Pages, Optimisepress, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Getresponse, Sendlane and more...

                                                    Even if you knew exactly what to do, it would still take you hundreds or THOUSANDS of hours to get your funnel to the point where it converts.

                                                    That’s why I’m not going to take anyone on. Due to the time and energy involved (and the fact I can only take on a few clients per month), I want to ensure there is a 100% success rate.


                                                    I’m in the business of helping other people get results. The more money I make you, the more I can charge for my products, services, events and private coaching in the future.

                                                    Once you click the button below and fill out the form on the next page, we’ll get in touch with you for a complimentary Passive Income Strategy Call.

                                                    On this call, we'll ask you a few questions to make sure you are a good fit for our GURU Funnels program, and then we’ll design an action plan for building a passive income business.

                                                    This is 100% free, and you'll walk away with a plan to deploy a 7-figure passive income online business even if we don't do business together.

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